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March 01, 2022

Simple Ideas To Integrate Smart Lighting In Your Columbia Home

More than anything in your home, light bulbs around your home are a necessity. However, are you getting the most from your lights? Why not revamp the way you utilize light by mixing smart lighting technology around your Columbia home.

What Is Smart Lighting In Columbia

First off - what is a smart light? These LED bulbs link to a WiFi connection and gives a buyer comprehensive control over your property’s lighting. All with the help of an mobile app -- like a home security app.

Dim individual smart bulbs to any level without a dimmer knob, or glance at your app to see if you accidentally left them on. Have your lights to come alive at a particular time -- like first thing in the morning -- and power down automatically right at bedtime. You can even adjust your lights to automatically create to the current mood, like at a fifth of their brightness during movie night. You can even pair your smart lights to Alexa or Google Nest and control your bulbs through your voice.

Smart Bulbs Combines With A Home Security System For The Perfect Combination

Ease-of-use is just one perk of smart lights, though. Installing smart lights are a fantastic method to improve your home security. Well-lit homes are a [[hindrance|impediment|deterrent] to burglars. Crooks aim to conceal their identity and obscure their location in the night.

A house stocked with smart lighting are able to be managed by a Columbia home automation that’s a function of a home security. You can program light arrangements that mimic natural activity inside the home, making it look like like the owners are going from one area to another. From an outside perspective, unique smart light patterns create an illusion that a resident is physically in the home flipping on and off those particular lights.

Where To Install Smart Lights

You don’t have to tweak your entire home to make use of smart bulbs. In your Columbia home, the majority of smart light bulbs are suitable with your existing lamps and fixtures. Start by assessing what areas you would like to make “smart” first. You do not need to change out every single light bulb, as It's not an one-or-none case. If you are overloaded by the idea of smart lighting, then begin slowly and go from there.

High traffic locations and externally-visible lights are perfect for smart light bulbs in Columbia.. First, look at the lamps and fixtures in a living room, bedroom, or dining room. The goal is to shine on a window enough for the light to be seen to people outside the home. Definitely work on shining light onto the front of your home as many intrusions happen through the front door.

As for the sides of your residence, make the jump to smart lighting for significant entrances to the house. Think about lights positioned by all doors, whether in the front, side, or back of your residence. Don't forget the lights within your garage as well. If an individual sneaks into your living space from the garage, you can switch on that garage light with a click of a button.

Install Your Columbia Smart Lighting With Your Home Security System

Smart lights are easy to install and simple to operate. With the expertise of a security technician, you can learn how to emply smart light bulbs in your new home security system. Speak to an expert at (803) 380-6011 or fill-out the form below.